A Letter from Republic Services

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February 19, 2021
City of Duncanville
330 Shady Trail
Duncanville, TX

Dear Duncanville Residents:

The weather events of this past week forced us at Republic Services to make the difficult decisions to suspend services at various points over the last week and a half as these two winter events happened. These decisions were not made lightly. We would have preferred to be working. However, there are many factors that go into the decision-making process. 

First and foremost is the safety of our drivers. Can they get to work safely? Are the conditions in the cities they serve safe? For our helpers (who ride on the back of the truck) are the temperatures safe for them to be outside for extended periods of time? What are the road conditions in the residential areas? While main streets are beginning to clear, residential streets remained icy and unsafe for our trucks. 

Other factors we consider are our facilities like landfills and recycling. Are they open? Can we safely get to them? We must have a place to take the trash and recycle once it is collected.

No one likes to have their regular trash service disrupted, and we understand that as residents within our own communities. But in light of the conditions we all were dealing with, we believe that we made the best decision for all concerned: our drivers and the residents of Duncanville.

We look forward to resuming your regular trash and recycling service on Monday, February 22. If you have questions, please call 972-225-5252 or 800-32-TRASH

We thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to continuing to provide you service as we resume normal operations next week.

Joanna Fritz

Municipal Services Manager

A Letter from Republic Services

Bulk Item Self-Service Drop-off Begins Saturday, April 18

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Bulk Item Self-Service Drop-off Begins Saturday, April 18

Beginning Saturday, April 18, 2020, and continuing until Republic Services resumes their regular bulk item pickup schedule, Duncanville residents can drop off bulk items at a designated dumpster located at the Duncanville Service Center – 330 Shady Trail Drive, Duncanville, TX 75137. Residents can dispose of bulk items on Saturdays only from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Proof of Duncanville residency (e.g. recent water bill or driver license with a Duncanville address) must be shown to access the dumpster.

The self-service dumpster is for bulk waste only. No other items will be accepted. Those bringing bulk trash to the site should only bring items they can safely unload themselves. The site will be manned but City staff at this location will be limited and unloading assistance unavailable. Residents are asked to be careful unloading items and to continue to follow social distancing guidelines.

Acceptable items include:

  • Rugs less than 8’ x 10’ in size
  • Stoves
  • Dishwashers
  • Water heaters
  • Wood fence pickets
  • Furniture and mattresses
  • Refrigerators and window units (Freon properly removed and tagged by a certified technician)
  • DIY remodel materials

Unacceptable items:

  • Tires
  • Carpet
  • Flammables
  • Hazardous waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Construction materials (lumber, drywall, paneling, tile, flooring, siding, concrete, etc.)

Please visit www.duncanville.com/trash for more information.