Seeking Duncanville High School sports memorabilia

After an overwhelming interest from citizens to participate in Boards and Commissions in 2014, the Duncanville City Council created several new Commissions, including the Duncanville Sports Legacy Commission. The Duncanville Sports Legacy Commission’s mission is memorializing, promoting and leveraging the basketball history of Duncanville, past and present, and to officially brand the City of Duncanville as the “Basketball Capital of Texas”.

City Selected to Participate in Senior Survey

The process often starts with a planning stage in which plans are prepared by an architect and approved by the client and any regulatory authority. Then the site is cleared, foundations are laid and trenches for connection to services such as sewerage, water, and electricity are established.

2015 Municipal Election Results

Local elections vary widely across jurisdictions. In electoral system that roughly follow the Westminster model, a terminology has evolved with roles such as Mayor or Warden to describe the executive of a city, town or region, although the actual means of elections vary.

Residential Sewer and Winter Averaging

Now is the time to shorten your showers and tighten those leaky faucets, because how much water you use over the next three months will determine how much you’re going to pay for sewer the rest of the year.

From December through February, the Utility Billing department will monitor how much water is being used for all activities causing water consumption such as showering, flushing toilets and washing clothes on each metered household. (Commercial and Apartment accounts are not included in the winter-averaging program).

The average will determine the amount the city will charge each household, on an individual basis, for wastewater for the next 12 months starting April 1.

December, January and February are the consumption months that the monitoring will be taking place (This is the January, February, and March statements respectively). Once the month’s consumptions have been established the new average will appear on the April billing. The city uses these winter months to average the billing rates to better reflect the actual amount of wastewater a household produces, due to the drastic decrease in outside watering, filling pools, etc.

By Jill Stottlemire
Utility Accounting Manager


Electronic Toll Collection Article

Electronic Toll Collection

The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) will convert the President George Bush Turnpike (Bush Turnpike) to all-electronic toll collection (all-ETC) on Wednesday, July 1, 2009.

By 12:01 am July 1, the Bush Turnpike will become a cashless toll facility. The traditional cash booth lanes will be closed and video tolling will be in effect at all plazas allowing all motorists to drive through all plazas without stopping to pay. Customers who do not have a TollTag will receive ZipCash invoices in the mail after their trips.

“The safety of our customers during this conversion is our highest priority,” said Clayton Howe, NTTA assistant executive director of operations. “All motorists, whether they are TollTag or ZipCash customers, should keep moving. We also ask that our TollTag customers slow down and use caution while motorists who currently use cash adapt to the new way to pay and the smoother flow of traffic.”

Crews will begin transitioning the road to all-ETC at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, June 30, 2009. Several rolling lane closures are expected during the evening hours on June 30 as crews install new signage over the lanes and temporary barricades blocking off the traditional cash lanes.

The transition is scheduled to be complete by 6:00 am July 1, 2009, prior to the morning commute. After the conversion, all customers will travel in the main lanes through each toll plaza and through the right-hand lanes at the ramp plazas. Additional signage and traffic monitors will be in place to remind drivers to keep moving through the plazas.

After the July 1 conversion, construction crews will return to replace the temporary barricades with more permanent structures. The post-conversion work is expected to be completed mid-October.

“Traffic may move slower this week as drivers adjust to all-electronic toll collection on the President George Bush Turnpike,” said Howe.

Over the past several months, crews have installed equipment, new signage and temporary barricades as well as re-configured lanes at two main lane toll plazas along the Bush Turnpike to prepare for the all-ETC conversion. In addition, the NTTA conducted several public meetings along the Bush Turnpike corridor, created an all-ETC Web page and ran advertisements to raise public
awareness about the conversion.

All-ETC is quickly gaining in popularity across the country because of the advancements in technology and its many benefits to the toll road customer. Benefits of the all-ETC conversion of NTTA facilities include time savings, added convenience, increased safety, improved air quality, and fuel efficiency, which translates to cost savings.

For more information about the all-ETC conversion or to get a TollTag, please visit North Texas Tollways Authority (NTTA).

NTTA’s Messaging to Toll Tag and Non-Toll Tag Customers

  • The President George Bush Turnpike converted to all-ETC on Wednesday, July 1. That means cash collection lanes are gone, and all drivers stay in the same three main lanes.
  • Don’t try to stop to pay a toll. Keep moving – we’ll bill you.
  • If you’re already a TollTag customer, use caution while everyone adjusts to the change.
  • If you don’t have a TollTag, you’ll receive a ZipCash invoice.
  • ZipCash customers pay more per toll than TollTag customers.