We love having visitors here in the library. Right now though, lots of people prefer to stay home and avoid public places altogether.

 Well, that’s cool too.

One of the problems with staying home is that boredom becomes a factor. If you can’t go to the library, then how are you supposed to have anything new to read? Or find a new movie or TV show? Netflix (awesome as it is) doesn’t have everything… Neither do we, but we might have some things that streaming services don’t.

We offer a couple of different ways to find something to read or watch. Oh, and best of all, they’re free (just like most of the library’s services.)

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We can come to you, Duncanville!! That’s right, the library now offers a delivery service to all library patrons who live in Duncanville. It’s simple.

Just place the books/dvds/magazines/audios that you want on hold through our online catalog. We’ll pull them and let you know they’re ready. Then you can just say, “Could you deliver those for me?”

We make our delivery rounds every Monday afternoon.

I can hear someone now, “It’s already Tuesday and I don’t want to wait all week for new books.”

No problem!


You can pick them up at the library without even leaving your car. When you arrive, just park by the clock tower and call us at 972-780-5050. Let us know you’re here and then we’ll have someone come right out with your items.

As always, catch us on social media or comment below. If you have a library question, call 972-780-5052 or email librarians@duncanville.com.

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