The library can seem like a strange place to people. And we are a little strange; we offer many different resources (not just books!), we host programs and events. But I’m here to let you in on a secret or two.

Today we’ll chat about the “Last Chance” display.

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Every now and then, we must make space on the library shelves for all the new materials that arrive almost daily. There’s only one way to do that: take something else off the shelves. We have criteria for deciding which materials are to be taken off: number of checkouts, condition, age, etc.

But here’s the secret: sometimes we want to save them. Maybe it’s something that’s considered a “classic” that just hasn’t checked out in a while. Or it could be a prize-winning book that nobody noticed because it was on an inconvenient shelf. Or it’s a sequel to an item that does check out. Or… there are lots of reasons to want to save something.

That’s where the “Last Chance” display comes in handy.

We’ll relocate those items to the display and give them a chance to prove they should be allowed to stay. All those items need is someone to check them out and take them home.

Here are some of the interesting books that have just been waiting to be checked out.

The gluten-free gourmet bakes bread : more than 200 wheat-free recipes / Bette Hagman.

Gluten free is very “in” right now. And who doesn’t love bread?

The Thin Man / Dashiell Hammett

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A classic of the hardboiled detective mystery genre.

When we were orphans / Kazuo Ishiguro

This author won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Recommendations don’t come much higher than that.

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