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First Last Job Title Department Phone
David Dunn Assistant Utilities Superintendent Public Works 972-780-5079
Leshonda Vaughn Solid Waste Administrative Assistant Public Works 972-780-4946
Matthew A. Bryant Utilities Superintendent Public Works 972-780-4932
Wanda Brooks Executive Assistant Public Works 972-780-5015
John Borchardt Traffic Operations Superintendent Public Works (972) 780-5059
Jacqueline (Jackie) Culton, P.E. Assistant Director of Public Works Public Works 972-780-5016
Marius Eugenio Construction Inspector Public Works 972-707-3872
Asa Low Equipment Services Superintendent Public Works (972) 780-5062
Kelly McChesney Street Superintendent Public Works (972) 780-4935
Alan McCully GIS/Engineering Technician Public Works (972) 780-5064
Bryan G. Ramey, II, P.E. Director of Public Works Public Works (972) 780-5015
Athena Seaton Planning Technician Public Works 972-707-3878