Duties include:

  • Act as an advisory board to the City Council in all matters pertaining to the Parks and Recreation Department
  • Provide advisory support to the parks and recreation staff through review of basic policies, planning, budgets, and special problem areas as requested by the staff or the director of parks and recreation
  • Interface with all citizens, organizations, and groups involving parks and recreation in Duncanville and to communicate any requests, needs, or petitions to the staff and the City Council
  • Recommend fees for the use of parks and recreational facilities
  • Recommend amendments, additions, deletions, or establishment of fees and rates
  • Assist the director in determining proper recommendations to be made to the City Council concerning capital improvements and maintenance requirements for facilities
  • Provide a continuous study and inspection of facilities
  • Assist in development of a Master Plan for Parks
  • Review all matters from the public or from private or civic organizations involving parks and recreation
  • Appropriately communicate the general subject matter by minutes or recommendations to the City Council, director of parks and recreation, and the city manager


Mission Statement

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board provides a forum to communicate between the citizens and city officials in the stewardship and conservation of Duncanville’s natural, recreational and cultural resources and advises the City Council and / or Parks and Recreation Department in the planning, development, and usage of park and recreational facilities and services.

Membership & Meeting Details

The director of parks and recreation or their authorized representative shall act as ex-officio member of the advisory board and will be responsible for the recording of all minutes. The board elects a chairman and vice chairman. Prompt attendance at all meetings is urged. If three meetings are missed without a valid excuse, the member may be replaced.

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Bart Stevenson

Director of Parks & Recreation

(972) 780-5076


Alexander McLachlan, Chair
Pamela Rogers, Vice-Chair
Mary (Beth) Farrell
Reginald Hurd
Don Johnson
Constance Willis
Jeremy Koontz