Per Resolution 2015-020326, the City Council created the Neighborhood Vitality Commission as an ad hoc committee for a specific purpose with a sunset provision of August 30, 2017, but it may be extended at that time by the City Council.

Per Resolution 2017-052, repealing Resolution 2015-020326 previously adopted and replacing it with Resolution 2017-052 establishing the Neighborhood Vitality Commission; and providing for an effective date.


Educating and empowering Duncanville citizens on the civic responsibility required to have sustainable housing values; determine ways to preserve the character of the 1940’s – 1950’s housing options available to ensure sustainable housing values for all citizens; and serve as members of the Duncanville Land Bank Board.



Jacqueline Culton, P.E., Assistant Public Works Director


Ralo Thompson
Brenda O’Brien
Tonya Savage
Robyn Felder
Tim Perry
Anika Just
Walter J. Rhim

PIP – Property Improvement Program

A service partnership between First United Methodist Church and the City of Duncanville.


To repair the exterior of  homes and yards of Duncanville Homeowners who cannot make these repairs themselves because of life’s circumstances.

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