Design of water line improvements are complete in the Irwin Keasler Addition. The water mains are being replaced with 8-inch PVC lines. Water main improvements include Bow Creek Drive from Bow Creek Court to the north end of the Red Bird Lane intersection (630 linear feet), Bow Creek Court (300 linear feet), Bow Creek Drive from Round Top Boulevard to Jellison Boulevard (1,100 linear feet), Dula Circle from Frank Keasler Boulevard to north of Rita Lane (400 linear feet), Ida Vista Court from Jungle Drive to the end of the cul-de-sac (250 linear feet), and Jellison Boulevard from Cedar Ridge Road to Bow Creek Drive (700 linear feet).  The engineer’s estimate of probable cost was $880,000.00.

A construction contract is scheduled for award to Aushill Construction LLC on November 5, 2019, with construction beginning in late 2019.  The construction award is $799,723.00.

FY18 Water Line Improvements at Irwin Keasler Locations - Map