I loved the intro to this book. It starts off with a trip to the library. Except the library’s only open for 6 minutes and there’s a Sole Librarian. It’s very funny and lets you know what to expect from the author, Jasper Fforde. Mostly what you can expect is the unexpected and rather absurd treated in a matter of fact manner.

Speaking of absurd, in this book human-sized and intelligent rabbits are a thing. (Think Bugs Bunny style). There’s no explanation for this, other than ‘it happened.’

But don’t let that throw you off.

Fforde is an excellent writer and this story is entertaining. It also does a great job of pointing out some of humanity’s absurd behavior.

I highly recommend this story. It is the perfect mix of funny, insightful, touching, and satire.

He’s written a bunch of other books which are also worth checking out. There’s a great mystery series that starts with “The Eyre Affair.” The main character in this series is named Thursday Next.

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