Bagwall Cost Share Program

The City of Duncanville has over 700 properties which are located immediately adjacent to natural creeks and streams. Erosion of these drainageways can occur over time resulting in property damage or loss.

To help residents combat the effects of erosion on their property, the city offers a bagwall cost share program (the program) through which eligible residents can receive financial assistance to have a bagwall constructed on their property.

Who is an “eligible resident”?

Real residential property owners who live along a drainageway within the city limits of the City of Duncanville are eligible.

How much should I expect to spend?

The program is set up as a 50-50 split between the resident and the city. For example, if the bagwall for your property was quoted at $20,000, you would be responsible for $10,000.

While the cost for each individual bagwall varies, the recent average cost for a bagwall project has been around $35,000. The calculator below can be used to estimate how much your bagwall might cost.


    Enter the total length and the average height of the bagwall, then click the calculate button to generate results.


    This looks great. How can I apply?

    Requests for the program will be taken from October 1 through December 31. Contact the city’s civil engineer (engineer) to request a site visit.

    When do site visits happen?

    Site visits with the city’s bagwall contractor will be performed between January 1 and March 31 following the request period. The engineer will contact you to schedule a date and time for your site visit.

    What happens after my site visit?

    Once site visits have been performed, the bagwall contractor will develop quotes for each individual request and send them to the engineer. The engineer will then send the contractor’s quote to you via email. If you decide you would like to move forward with construction, contact the engineer to set up the requisite paperwork and schedule construction. Projects typically begin in March or April as temperatures begin to rise. You will be required to pay half of your responsibility (or 25% of the total project cost) prior to construction. Once construction is complete, you will pay the remaining half of your responsibility to close the project out.