Patrol Division Responsibilities

The patrol division is the largest division of the police department and is responsible for providing around the clock police service protection to residents and visitors of the City of Duncanville. Officers assigned to the patrol division are dedicated and highly trained professionals who must be mentally and physically prepared to respond to any type of crime or request for service. Members of the patrol division are the “front line” officers who initially respond to all crimes in progress, emergency situations, traffic accidents and any other “calls for service” received by the police department. Patrol officers work closely with the criminal investigation division, crime prevention officer and citizen groups to provide a full range of services on a daily basis. This type of teamwork is essential to prevent and solve crime and to advance the community policing goals of the department.


Common patrol activities include proactive police patrol, crime prevention, traffic control and enforcement, the initial investigation and documentation of all crimes, and the enforcement of city ordinances and state laws.


Even with the specialized and advanced training offered to Duncanville Patrol Officers, the patrol division can only perform their duties if they are able to effectively communicate with the people they serve. The goal of our focus on community policing is having citizens assist us through public education and crime prevention, as well as by reporting crimes and suspicious activity. Citizens are encouraged to “get involved” and become a partner with their police department so that we can keep Duncanville a safe place to live and work.

Traffic Unit

Responsible for traffic enforcement activities such as monitoring vehicle speed, especially in school zones; addressing traffic light and stop sign violations and any other traffic safety issues which may arise.

Tactical Team/SWAT

Officers assigned to the Tactical Team utilize Special Weapons and Tactics and receive specialized law enforcement training for assignments such as handling high risk warrant service, building entries, and barricaded suspects.

Honor Guard

The ultimate goal of the Honor Guard is to show honor and respect to the men and women of law enforcement and the armed services who have made the ultimate sacrifice while carrying out their duties.

Deployment Unit

The Deployment Unit is a covert surveillance and apprehension team, which is comprised of a sergeant and two officers. The Deployment Unit was formed for the purpose of combating crime by taking proactive steps to locate, identify and arrest repeat or habitual offenders.