Property Room and Evidence Technician

Evidence Technicians

Our evidence technicians are non-sworn civilian employees with specialized training in property and evidence management. They perform a wide variety of responsible, technical and professional duties involved in preparing, identifying and maintaining investigative records and evidence as part of the investigative and prosecution process of the Police Department.


Evidence technicians manage the movement of property into and out of evidence to preserve the chain of custody. They assume responsibility for the proper packaging and preservation of the property and evidence submitted. Evidence technicians maintain files, daily logs and prepare court orders for the lawful destruction and release of property and evidence. Other duties include the inventory of all property, monies and narcotics. Evidence technicians also assist other members of the department with investigations. They maintain up to date training on State and Federal laws relating to the maintenance, disposal and laboratory testing of property and evidence. Yearly training also includes crime scene search, inventory management and courtroom procedures and testimony. Evidence technicians maintain a State certification as a Property and Evidence Technician.


The evidence officer can assist with the following:

  • Found wallets, purses, and IDs
  • City auctions for unclaimed and surplus property
  • Lost, stolen, or recovered property
  • Evidence returned by the court
  • Departmental photographs for prosecutors


We recommend making an appointment with the evidence technician for better service. To make an appointment please contact the evidence technician at (972) 707-3840.