To make a police report or to have a Duncanville Police Officer contact you, please call (972) 223-6111.

Crime Prevention Goals

The Duncanville Police Department seeks to enhance the quality of life of our citizens and visitors to our community by working in partnership with citizens. With its various programs and services, Crime Prevention is able to offer the community this opportunity through citizen involvement and education.

Our goal for this partnership with the community is two-fold. We strive to provide education to the community while also gaining a better understanding of our citizens’ daily concerns. This joint effort of sharing information will aid the department by implementing effective programs, and will result in providing a sense of security for residents.

Community Involvement

Citizens are encouraged to become involved in their community and participate in the various programs and services offered by the Duncanville Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit.


Officer Doug Sisk, of the Duncanville Police Department, is a Certified Crime Prevention Specialist and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Specialist. His goal as crime prevention officer is to target harden: to make citizens, businesses, homes and vehicles less of a target of criminal activity. Through educational programs, promoting citizen involvement, crime prevention programs for seniors, businesses, homeowner associations, organizations, and children of all ages we can achieve this goal.

The Duncanville Police Department’s Crime Prevention Division strives to provide quality law enforcement and public safety services to our community focusing on goals, objectives, values and partnerships. The Duncanville Police Department provides police personnel that are trained and certified to provide, at no charge, home and business security inspections.

Crime Prevention Programs

The Crime Prevention Division also provides a number of other community programs that include, but are not limited to:

Duncanville Police Department also has an outstanding program called NEXTDOOR, this is a virtual Crime Watch program for your neighborhood. You can sign up for free at