Park Ranger Provides Additional Security

Evenings at local parks in Duncanville are now much safer. For the first time in Duncanville’s history, a uniformed peace officer is now assigned full-time patrol of our Duncanville park system. As of Tuesday, December 9, 2014, this Park Board initiative became a reality when Officer Kamecha Johnston reported to work as the city’s first Park Ranger.

Park Ranger Johnston has been with the Duncanville Police Department since 2008. Her meticulous attention to detail along with her years of experience in Duncanville made her the right fit for this position. The Park Ranger position was included in the FY2015 Budget by the Duncanville City Council in an effort to enhance the citizen’s quality of life in Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standard and Education Peace Officer License. Officer Johnston has been a user of our parks since childhood and now utilizes our parks with her own family. This passion, concern, and appreciation for a safe, quality recreational experience is what led Officer Johnston to apply for this position. “I want to make sure our city parks are a safe environment for all the citizens of Duncanville, including my own family,” said Officer Johnston.

Since Officer Johnston started on park patrol, she has made over 731 park visits which average more than 28 visits per shift worked. There are 17 parks in Duncanville, with 14 of them being developed. In her 26 shifts, she has initiated over 87 contacts with park users resulting in 64 citations issued, 14 incident reports, and 6 arrests.

The City of Duncanville welcomes Officer Johnston to this new role. Citizens may contact Officer Johnston via email with any concerns or questions.

In case of an emergency, the public is encouraged to call 911 immediately. In case of a non-emergency, police dispatch may be contacted at 972-223-6111.