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Backyard Gardening on a Budget

Gardening is literally as old as man itself. Since the first man put the first seed in the ground, plants have been cultivated for beauty, medicinal purposes, functionality, and, of course, food. Gardening has become a staple in many households. During the Great Depression, families grew gardens for survival in many cases. People became experts at using small plots of land to grow their own food. However, as refrigerating became more commonplace, grocery stores began to buy from large truck farms.

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Native Plants

Plant Selection and Design

Proper plant selection is one of the most important elements in successful landscaping. Plants and colors are critical to the appearance of the landscape. They are also elements that can be used with purpose such as screening, shade, erosion control, dividing, focal points, noise control, etc. Choosing the right plants for the right place and purpose is helpful for professional looking, and manageable landscaping.

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