Library Code of Conduct

It is the mission of the Duncanville Public Library to enrich lives, stimulate imagination, and nurture a greater sense of community, through education, collaboration, and innovation.

To that end, the Library is committed to providing equal and open access to resources, programs, and services, and to providing an environment conducive to reading, study, and collaboration.

The following Code of Conduct outlines the behaviors deemed inappropriate while visiting the Library.

1. Please respect others by keeping noise at a low volume. If a conversation, cell phone, computer, or other source of sound is audible and intelligible from several paces away, such that it disturbs other patrons, library staff may ask you to lower your volume or relocate to the lobby or a study room.

2. Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted inside the Library if carried in sealed (spill-proof) containers and kept away from the public computers. All other food and drink is prohibited.

3. For your safety and the safety of others, while in the Library, please do not run, throw things, block walkways, or use skateboards, scooters, roller skates, or roller blades.

4. Please supervise children while in the Library. Parents must not leave children under 11 years of age unattended in the Library or lobby area. If Library staff discovers such a child unattended, they will attempt to reunite the child with his/her parent, legal guardian, or a responsible adult. If such an adult cannot be located, staff will contact the police to report an unsupervised child.

5. You may only use your own card to access the public computers. Please do not yield your card or session to anyone else, or ask anyone else to do so for you.

6. When using a computer, please keep in mind that others may be able to see your screen, including children.

7. Service animals are allowed in the Library, but all other animals are prohibited.

8. You must remain fully clothed (including shirts and shoes) at all times.

9. Please do not ask other patrons for money or items, or ask them to buy goods or services from you.

10. All applicable laws and local ordinances regarding public behavior apply to Library patrons. Library staff will report offenses to the police.

11. The following types of behavior are not acceptable:

a. Abusive or disruptive behavior towards staff or patrons

b. Abusing or vandalizing library facilities, equipment, or materials

c. Gambling

d. Sleeping for more than 20 minutes

e. Smoking tobacco products or utilizing electronic cigarettes/personal vaporizer devices or the use of illegal substances

f. Voyeurism and peeping (including the use of cameras or video equipment for this purpose)

Except as indicated above, persons in violation of any part of this Code of Conduct will be given one warning before being asked to comply or leave the Library for the remainder of the day. Repeat offenses will be penalized by suspension of some or all Library privileges and/or access, as warranted by the given violation, for progressive durations of time (one week, two weeks, one month).

If a minor is found in violation of any part of this Code of Conduct, Library staff will notify the minor’s parent or legal guardian in reference to the violation, if the parent or legal guardian is present.

If a person believes his/her Library privileges and/or access have been unduly curtailed, they may appeal to the Library Director. Further appeal may be made to the Library Advisory Board, whose decision will be final.

Library staff will keep a record of all incidents involving suspension of some or all Library privileges and/or access, and of all incidents resulting in police contact.

Approved by Library Advisory Board December 7, 2015

The Duncanville Public Library is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in access, education and employment. The Library does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin.

The Duncanville Public Library is ADA compliant. Contact Julio Velasquez, Director, 201 James Collins Blvd., 972-780-5053 with any questions.