Welcome to the Duncanville Fire Department

We are here to serve you, the citizens, visitors and businesses of Duncanville. Our department is very fortunate to serve such a beautiful and diverse city.

With public safety as our primary goal, the Duncanville Fire Department provides emergency services designated to protect the lives and property of the community from the effects of fire, medical emergencies, or exposure to dangerous conditions through public education and emergency preparedness which is accomplished through the combined efforts of a highly trained and dedicated team of professionals that provide Fire Administration, Fire Prevention, Fire Suppression, EMS and Emergency Management services.

Holding strong to our commitment to educate the community about fire prevention, emergency preparedness and fire safety, the Duncanville Fire Department provides quality public education and training programs in community schools and with our Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), which is formed by the citizens and neighbors of Duncanville.

With many challenges ahead of us to provide extraordinary services, the citizens of Duncanville can expect to continue to receive the high level of care they deserve as the Duncanville Fire Department is committed to providing these services in an efficient, courteous and cost effective manner.

We thank you for your continuous support, as it is a privilege and honor to serve as Fire Chief for the Duncanville Fire Department.

Sam Rohde, Fire Chief

Chief Sam Rohde


  • To protect the community through planning, prevention and response to emergencies with dedicated and caring professionals.


  • To see our agency recognized as one which demonstrates best practices in the delivery of emergency medical services, fire suppression, fire prevention, and public education to our community.


  • “Protecting Lives and Property with Pride and Tradition”

    Firefighters battle fire

  • Our values are:

    • LOYALTY – firm foundation for an effective fire department
    • HONOR – Pride in being a member of the Duncanville Fire Department
    • RESPECT – Sense of caring for all department members and the community
    • PERSONAL COURAGE – Courage to arise to the occasion of the call for bravery and valor beyond the routine call of duty
    • SELF-LESS SERVICE – Sincere and genuine regard for our responsibility to the citizens of Duncanville and to the members of the Duncanville Fire Department
    • DUTY – Always in a state of readiness
    • INTEGRITY – Commitment to provide the highest quality standards of Fire and Emergency Medical Services