Transparency & Accountability

Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens so taxpayers can see exactly where their money is going. The City of Duncanville is committed to transparency in its operations and has established a comprehensive online resource for citizens to review a variety of government documents to address any questions that arise.  The City has chosen to participate in the Texas Comptroller’s Transparency Stars program, recognizing local governments in their pursuit for openness and accountability to their citizens. Under this program, the City of Duncanville has been awarded the Traditional Finances Transparency Star. More information on this program can be viewed at ​​

Traditional Finances

The table below summarizes the City’s financial position for its most recently completed and audited fiscal year, 2019-2020.   The population total used in calculating the per capita amount is 40,739 and is provided by ESRI estimates. For more detailed information click here.

General Fund Revenue by Source FY 2020

Property Tax Rate & Distribution Per $100

Per Capita Revenue & Expenditure


The budget serves as the financial plan for the City. The annual budget book  shows proposed expenditures and revenue in broad categories by department or by account type. Also, the most recent budget’s raw data has been provided in a downloadable spreadsheet format.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

This report provides a quantitative look at the operating success, financial health, and compliance of the government report units. It includes a balance sheet, a statement of changes in financial position, a statement of revenues and expense, and a comparison of budgeted to actual expenses and revenues.

Check Registers

The City publishes check registers by year for at least the previous three (3) closed fiscal years in a downloadable Excel format.

Additional Information

  • See additional financial documents on our Budgets & Reports page.
  • For Public Information requests, please submit an open records request to the City Secretary.
  • City Council members contact information can be found on our ​City Council page.