FY18 Highway U.S. 67 Landscaping

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is reconstructing U.S. Highway 67 (US 67) from Belt Line Road in Cedar Hill through Duncanville to Interstate Highway 20 (IH-20). The expected reconstruction completion date is summer 2019. The cities of Duncanville and Cedar Hill partnered to hire a landscape architect to prepare a master plan for landscaping and lighting, gateways, hardscape, entryway, and other amenities along the US 67 corridor south of IH-20. Working with the landscape architect, the cities are pursuing Green Ribbon Grant funding from TxDOT for the landscaping portion of the master plan. The City of Duncanville has since entered into a professional services agreement for detailed landscape and hardscape design plans based on the landscape master plan to provide aesthetic treatments along the US 67 corridor. These improvements will provide a significant impact on branding the City of Duncanville consistent with the vision of the City Council and the newly adopted Citywide Comprehensive Plan.

FY18 Pipebursting Program

Pipebursting has been completed for various locations in the Forest Hills, Presidential Estates, Flame East, and Danieldale Acres subdivisions. Approximately 29,980 linear feet of substandard 6- and 8-inch sanitary sewer were pipeburst with 8-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sewer pipe and adjacent private sewer laterals were replaced. The project repaired structural and capacity deficiencies, preventing rainwater and/or groundwater inflow and infiltration, and minimizes sanitary sewer overflows, reduces sewage treatment costs, and reduces future sewer system maintenance costs. A construction contract was awarded to Vortex Turnkey Solutions LLC of Houston, Texas, for $699,070.50 on September 4, 2018. Construction began in November 2018..

FY18 Pipebursting Program- Map

FY17 Water Utility Improvements

Water line improvements were completed on West Vinyard Road, West Daniel Street and West Nance Street on July 2, 2018. The service lines were built in the 1940s, making them approximately 75 years old. A total of 1,205 linear feet of 2-inch cast iron water pipe was replaced with 8-inch PVC water line from Main Street to Avenue C.  La Banda LLC of Dallas completed the construction.  The total project cost, including design and testing, was $211,310.08.

FY17 Forest Hills #8 Alley Reconstruction

Drainage improvements and reconstruction of the alley between Flamingo Way and Granada Drive (from North Alexander Avenue to South Cockrell Hill Road) has been completed.  This subdivision was built approximately 45 years ago.  Drainage was improved to provide capacity for a 100-year storm event, and the alley pavement was replaced with a more durable reinforced concrete pavement to better withstand trash truck loads.  The construction contract was awarded to Muniz Construction, Inc. of Dallas for $273,965.00.

FY16 Wastewater Improvements by Pipe Bursting

FY16 Wastewater Improvements for reconstructing sewer lines in Colonnade-Pelt Hill Top Estates was completed in summer of 2017.  Sewer lines were reconstructed by pipe bursting method and included segments of sewer line on East Magnolia, Azalea, and East Jewel Lanes; Camellia Drive; Gardenia, Camellia, Katherine, and Kelly Courts; and Royal Avenue.

Sewer line reconstruction has also been completed for the Lakeside Park, Forest Hills, Hilltop and River Oaks Additions.  Sewer line reconstruction  occurred in segments of Skyline Drive, the intersection of Azalea Lane and Royal Avenue, Softwood Drive, and Lakeside park via pipe bursting.

The wastewater improvements were completed in the summer of 2017.

FY16 Water/Wastewater Improvements – Irwin Keasler Red Bird Addition

Construction has been completed for the new sewer line on South Lodema Lane, Joe’s Drive, Tanco Lane, and a portion of Frank Keasler Boulevard, an area currently served by septic system.  The line was installed by open cut method and connects to the Lodema Lane project constructed last fiscal year.

Construction has also been completed for the water line improvements on Lodema Lane from Frank Keasler Boulevard south of IH-20, Joe’s Drive from Frank Keasler Boulevard south to IH-20, Tanco Lane from Lodema Lane east to North Duncanville Road, and Frank Keasler Boulevard from Joe’s Drive east to Lodema Lane.  Improvements include 1,890 linear feet of 8-inch water main replacement by open cut.   The water lines replaced were 61 years old and constructed with obsolete materials by today’s standards.

The water and wastewater improvements projects were completed in the summer of 2017.

Annual Sidewalk Improvements Program

In 2016, an annual sidewalk improvements program was developed to emphasize accessible routes and pedestrian safety.  The goal of the program is to create a “walkable” community in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to remove barriers and construct new sidewalks where gaps exist to connect existing sidewalks.  Along with the sidewalks being constructed in various locations throughout the City, a trail was constructed in Lakeside Park along with a 6-foot sidewalk in the H. Louis Nichols Park in the summer of 2017.