Proposition B Update

A Call for Citizen Input on the Main Street Corridor Project

City of Duncanville, Texas City Council Meeting for November 17, 2020

On February 6, 2018, the Duncanville Citizen Bond Committee was established by City Council and charged with evaluating community needs and making recommendations for potential capital improvement projects to be presented to voters. The 19-member committee toured the city, conducted a town hall, and returned in July of 2018 with recommendations to make improvements to area parks, the Central Fire Station, Service Center, and streets, including the Camp Wisdom Road at North Main Street intersection.

In November of 2018, a bond election was held and Proposition B, issuance of $6,600,000 in general obligation bonds for street, sidewalk, alley, and other traffic flow improvements was passed. Proposition B included the recommended improvements to East Danieldale Road between South Main Street and US 67, South Cedar Ridge Drive between Big Stone Gap and West Wheatland Road, and the intersection of North Main Street between Camp Wisdom and I-20.

Of the $6.6 million $1.5 million was budgeted for the North Main Street at Camp Wisdom intersection pending selection for inclusion in the Dallas County 7th Call for Projects. The North Main Street at Camp Wisdom Road intersection project to address the railroad grade issue required a larger investment than the bond provided.

On March 16, 2019, Dallas County invited cities to submit applications for project proposals they could partner on to improve regional transportation infrastructure through the Major Capital Improvement Projects (MCIP) 7th Call for Projects. This program is typically implemented every two to three years. The City of Duncanville submitted the Main Street at Camp Wisdom intersection project and the Wintergreen Road Phase II project for inclusion and funding under the 7th Call. Approval means an investment from the County doubling the funding for improvements to Duncanville streets.

May 21, 2019, the Duncanville City Council unanimously approved $150,000, which was matched by Dallas County, for an engineering study of three intersections along the Main Street Corridor. Main Street at Camp Wisdom Road, Main Street at Davis Street, and Main Street at Center Street were studied and the scope of improvements defined. The engineering study examined how improvements would positively impact traffic efficiency, pedestrian mobility, economic vitality, and connectivity to a potential commuter rail station.

With information from the engineering study, a total of six design options were created for the North Main Street at Camp Wisdom Road intersection as well as other locations along the Main Street Corridor.

In October 2019, while the corridor study was being conducted, City staff contacted BNSF Railway, owner of the rail line that runs through Duncanville, to invite them to a meeting to discuss proposed changes to the Main at Camp Wisdom intersection. BNSF Railway declined to attend and rejected any proposed changes at the intersection that would encroach upon their 100-foot right-of-way. A proposed design included a hike and bike trail and a new turn lane that was inside that right-of-way.

The design options were either non-starters due to BNSF’s rejection, made only minor improvements, exceeded the Duncanville and Dallas County $3,000,000 combined budget, or were unlikely to be approved for 7th Call for Projects inclusion.

The proposed intersection improvement project that scored highest was within the budget, met the goals, and offered a measurable improvement to the lives of Duncanville residents is a project at the intersection of Main Street at Center Street. The design of a roundabout is proposed at an estimated cost of $3,071,239 that would meet both Duncanville and 7th Call’s goals and is the likeliest to be approved by Dallas County.

The City of Duncanville, understanding the voters’ desire for an improvement to the Main at Camp Wisdom intersection, is inviting residents to review the proposed Main Street at Center Street roundabout project, as well as the information provided, and to give feedback for the Duncanville City Council Regular Meeting on December 1, 2020.  Residents can submit their name, address, and public comments to from now until 4:00 PM on Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

Bond Update: Danieldale Road Corridor Study

Subsequent to the approval of a design contract for the Danieldale Road Street and Subsurface Utilities Reconstruction from South Main Street to U.S. Highway 67, City Council requested Public Works staff perform a corridor study along Danieldale Road to identify the potential for bike and pedestrian facilities.

Danieldale Road Project Location Map

Danieldale Road Project Location Map

City consultant Dunaway Associates presented their recommendations for the Danieldale Road Corridor Study during a City Council workshop held in September 2019:

Final end-state along Danieldale Road Corridor – This is what would be designed/constructed between Main Street and U.S. Highway 67 with future corridor reconstruction work along the corridor to also reflect this design:

  • 4 lanes (two each direction)
  • 12-foot shared used path in north parkway
  • 8-foot sidewalk in south parkway

Interim measure along Danieldale Road – This is what would be installed along the balance of Danieldale Road to tie into the bike lanes along Mountain Creek Parkway in Dallas, to the reconstructed section of Danieldale Road between Main Street and U.S. Highway 67 and the planned four-lane road (with bike lanes) in Desoto:

  • convert outside vehicular lane to a 5-foot bike lane with 6-foot buffer
  • 4 lanes (two each direction) would remain for vehicular traffic
  • 5-foot sidewalks along north and south parkway
Conceptual Interim Measure along Danieldale Road

Conceptual Interim Measure along Danieldale Road

On November 5, 2019, City Council approved the Danieldale Road Corridor Study recommendations to convert Danieldale Road to four vehicular lanes with supporting bike and pedestrian facilities as shown in the above conceptual design.

The final design is scheduled to be complete in June 2020.  For more information regarding the Danieldale Road bond project, please contact the Public Works Department at 972-780-5015. 

Danieldale Road Final Design

Danieldale Road Final Design between Main Street and U.S. Highway 67

Bond Update: North Main Street

The City of Duncanville partnered with Dallas County in May 2019 to perform a preliminary engineering study for the North Main Street/Camp Wisdom Road intersection on a 50-50 cost basis.

N Main St Project Location Map

North Main Street Project Location Map

  • The preliminary study is ongoing with an estimated completion date of Spring 2020
  • The Main Street / Camp Wisdom intersection was submitted in October 2019 for funding as part of the Dallas County 7th Call for Projects
  • 7th Call Projects selected for funding require a 50-50 cost participation
  • Dallas County selection of 7th Call for Projects is anticipated in Spring 2020

For more information regarding the North Main Street bond project, please contact the Public Works Department at 972-780-5015.

Duncanville Saves Approximately $800K in Bond Sale Related to $21.6M November Election

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019 the Duncanville City Council approved the issuance of $20.735M in general obligation bonds at a rate of 3.12%, which is 3/10 of a percent lower than projected, saving the City approximately $800K over the life of the bonds. The bonds were sold at a premium, allowing for the City to realize the full $21.6M in project proceeds authorized by the citizens.  The bond issuance is a result of the November 2018 general election where Duncanville voters approved four bond propositions for various park, street, fire and facility projects. The low interest rate is credited to the City’s strong fiscal policies, experienced and stable city management, solid AA bond ratings and overall healthy local economy.

The rate is fixed over the life of the bond and represents a savings of approximately $40K per year as compared to projections. Funds are expected to be available in early March.



NOVEMBER 6, 2018


 Conducted by the Dallas County Elections Department.  Nine election day polling places were utilized:  H Bob Daniel Sr Intermediate School, Duncanville Library, Duncanville’s First Baptist Church, Reed Middle School, Duncanville HS Performance Hall, Southwest Harvest Church, Central Elementary School, Fairmeadows Elementary School, and Northside Elementary School. Early voting was held at the Library/Community Center, 201 James Collins Blvd. – Barbara Lewis (Judge).



                       Early Voting                           Total  Votes                               %

PROPOSITION A             


FOR:               7,000            FOR:               9,035            FOR:            74.03%

AGAINST:     2,540            AGAINST:    3,169            AGAINST:   25.97%

TOTAL           9,540                                    12,204                                100.00%


PROPOSITION B             


FOR:            8,228            FOR:               10,539          FOR:                    85.67%

AGAINST:    1,397            AGAINST:      1,763          AGAINST:          14.33%

TOTAL         9,625                                       12,302                                    100.00%


PROPOSITION C                                          


FOR:               8,139            FOR:            10,368          FOR:                     84.51%

AGAINST:    1,475            AGAINST:      1,901          AGAINST:          15.49%

TOTAL          9,614                                     12,269                                     100.00%


PROPOSITION D                                          


FOR:               5,727            FOR:                 7,227            FOR:                    59.39%

AGAINST:    3,800            AGAINST:    4,942            AGAINST:          40.61%

TOTAL            9,527                                     12,169                                       100.00%


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