I read this book because I love disaster movies. The premise sounded really good.

Summary: Five thousand years later after a catastrophic event rendered the Earth a ticking time bomb, the progeny of a handful of outer space explorers–seven distinct races now three billion strong–embark on yet another audacious journey: to return to Earth.

All of the characters were interesting. I liked Dinah because she understood Morse code and that’s something that I’ve always found fascinating. Another great character was Doob, who’s basically a “personality” who explains science to the regular people. The first two thirds of the book are the “origin story” of the different peoples in the last third of the book.

There’s a section towards the end where one of the characters is flying a glider. But it’s not a glider like we have, it’s much more advanced and is almost an extension of the pilot. I loved the description of her flying, beginning at the ground and ending when she’s almost out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

I did enjoy the story, but I’m not a big fan of the author’s writing style. So, at times, I had to make myself keep reading. Not because the story was boring me but because the writing felt detached from the story.

I was kind of let down by the ending. Mostly because there was a plot thread from the middle of the book that I really wish had been picked up again. It never was, so I’m just left wondering about that. Maybe the author will write another book about that thread.

I’ve never read any other books by this author but I know that he is very well respected. So I will give another book by him a try. I think I’ll go with Cryptonomicon. It sounds like sci-fi crossed with an adventure novel by Clive Cussler.

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