FY18 Drainage Improvements at Longworth Boulevard

Design is underway for grading and drainage improvements along Longworth Boulevard extending from West Camp Wisdom Road to Nature Drive. These improvements will provide for grading improvements to facilitate surface drainage on the southern side of Longworth Boulevard, including driveway reconstruction and culvert removal and/or replacement within the right-of-way, as necessary, from West Camp Wisdom to nature Drive. Construction of these improvements is scheduled for spring 2019. The Street Maintenance Division will perform this work in-house.

FY18 Drainage Improvements at Longworth Blvd.- Map

FY18 Pump Station and Water Tank Improvements

Water quality improvements are being designed for the Danieldale pump station and ground storage tanks. The Danieldale pump station was built in 1977, making it approximately 41 years old. The pump house meter vault valve will be replaced, the mixers and ladders in both ground storage tanks will be rehabilitated, and security improvements and updates will be made to comply with state and federal regulations. The new tank mixer will allow water operations staff to better regulate and maintain chlorine levels and keep water in the tank mixed so it stays fresh, allowing us to maintain our superior water quality for the City. Construction of these improvements will be phased over two years beginning in spring 2020. The estimated cost of these improvements is $2,500,000.00.

FY18 Pump Station and Water Tank Improvements- Map

FY18 Water and Wastewater Master Plan

With the adoption of the Citywide Comprehensive Plan, a Water and Wastewater Master Plan is required in order to synchronize the City’s infrastructure with the City’s vision for the future. The Comprehensive Plan identified ten opportunity areas in the City for future growth and redevelopment. The Water and Wastewater Master Plans will ensure these opportunity areas receive appropriate infrastructure to meet their proposed future use. The Water and Wastewater Master Plans are scheduled for completion by fall 2019.

FY18 Highway U.S. 67 Landscaping

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is reconstructing U.S. Highway 67 (US 67) from Belt Line Road in Cedar Hill through Duncanville to Interstate Highway 20 (IH-20). The expected reconstruction completion date is summer 2019. The cities of Duncanville and Cedar Hill partnered to hire a landscape architect to prepare a master plan for landscaping and lighting, gateways, hardscape, entryway, and other amenities along the US 67 corridor south of IH-20. Working with the landscape architect, the cities are pursuing Green Ribbon Grant funding from TxDOT for the landscaping portion of the master plan. The City of Duncanville has since entered into a professional services agreement for detailed landscape and hardscape design plans based on the landscape master plan to provide aesthetic treatments along the US 67 corridor. These improvements will provide a significant impact on branding the City of Duncanville consistent with the vision of the City Council and the newly adopted Citywide Comprehensive Plan.

FY18 Pipebursting Program

Pipebursting has been completed for various locations in the Forest Hills, Presidential Estates, Flame East, and Danieldale Acres subdivisions. Approximately 29,980 linear feet of substandard 6- and 8-inch sanitary sewer were pipeburst with 8-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sewer pipe and adjacent private sewer laterals were replaced. The project repaired structural and capacity deficiencies, preventing rainwater and/or groundwater inflow and infiltration, and minimizes sanitary sewer overflows, reduces sewage treatment costs, and reduces future sewer system maintenance costs. A construction contract was awarded to Vortex Turnkey Solutions LLC of Houston, Texas, for $699,070.50 on September 4, 2018. Construction began in November 2018..

FY18 Pipebursting Program- Map

FY17 Water Utility Improvements

Water line improvements were completed on West Vinyard Road, West Daniel Street and West Nance Street on July 2, 2018. The service lines were built in the 1940s, making them approximately 75 years old. A total of 1,205 linear feet of 2-inch cast iron water pipe was replaced with 8-inch PVC water line from Main Street to Avenue C.  La Banda LLC of Dallas completed the construction.  The total project cost, including design and testing, was $211,310.08.

FY17 Forest Hills #8 Alley Reconstruction

Drainage improvements and reconstruction of the alley between Flamingo Way and Granada Drive (from North Alexander Avenue to South Cockrell Hill Road) has been completed.  This subdivision was built approximately 45 years ago.  Drainage was improved to provide capacity for a 100-year storm event, and the alley pavement was replaced with a more durable reinforced concrete pavement to better withstand trash truck loads.  The construction contract was awarded to Muniz Construction, Inc. of Dallas for $273,965.00.

City Conducting Smoke Testing on Wastewater System

In an effort to improve the quality of our wastewater collection system, the city has contracted with Burgess & Niple to perform smoke testing in various locations to detect breaks and defects in the sanitary sewer system. Over the next few days, you may see smoke coming from vent stacks on houses or holes in the ground. The smoke is harmless, has little odor, and creates no fire hazard. Crews may need to access sewer manholes in utility easements. Burgess & Niple personnel are uniformed and carry identification badges. You do not need to be home and at no time will field crews have to enter your home or business. Please see the map and flyers below for additional information on the smoke testing. Should you have any questions regarding this testing, please contact the City Service Center at (972) 780-4900 or Gerald Boman of Burgess & Niple at (512) 626-9485.


Brush Pickup Delays

Republic Services is working diligently to pick up the high volumes of brush that are being placed at the curbs for pickup. Due to the extra volume, brush pickup could take up to three weeks.

Please place large piles of brush in front of your house at the curb in the following manner:

• Cut brush in lengths of 6 to 8 feet.
• Stack brush loosely at the street curb.
• Brush piles should be free of metal, wire, trash and/or fencing material.
• Be mindful of where you place the pile to avoid damage to anything above, around and under the pile that may not be seen by the operator.
• Keep piles at least 6 feet from mail boxes, utility poles, fire hydrants, cars, or any other obstructions that could potentially be damaged and/or cause a delay in service.

If you have only a small amount of brush, please place it in your normal trash pickup location in the following manner:

• Brush, limbs, tree trimmings, shrubs, and vines must be cut in lengths not to exceed 4 feet.
• Brush, trunks and limbs cannot exceed 6 inches in diameter.
• Stack neatly with a height not to exceed 3 feet.
• Secure in bundles with a weight limit not to exceed 50 pounds.
• Stack with garbage

If your small brush piles were not picked up with your normal trash collection, or to learn when Republic is scheduled to be in your area for large pickup, please contact Jessica Smith, Solid Waste Coordinator, at 972-780-4946.