Looks like this week the library staff watched more than they read. That’s quite all right; we don’t judge. The library is known for having lots of books, but we have lots of other things too. Y’all should come in and check it out. (*librarian humor*)


The Secret Life of Pets (dvd)

A faithful companion gets jealous and ugly and inadvertently triggers a day filled with catastrophes. Max finds himself having to share his home and human with another dog named Duke. Duke decides to get back at Max and they both end up fighting for their lives and one disastrous event after another takes place. They also make many new frenemies along the way. At the end they find themselves back home with Katy a little wiser about sharing and accepting change. This is a great movie with a reminder to play nice with everyone.

~Stunt Clerk #3

My Neighbor Seki (manga) *coming soon to DVPL

I’ve only read the first volume, but it’s a silly and fun manga to read. This manga series is about Rumi Yokoi, who in the midst of her normal life as a student, finds herself sitting next to a very interesting “neighbor” in her classroom. The neighbor named Seki is interested in only one thing, building bizarrely elaborate dioramas on his desk. So elaborate in fact, that Yokoi can’t help become interested in what he’s up to. Thus the dilemma begins for young Yokoi, who wants to learn, but can’t help but be impressed at the wacky antics her neighbor Seki is up to. Yokoi becomes so interested in fact, that she manages to get in trouble more than once, while Seki somehow never does. The stories that Seki weaves with his imagination, and a lot of skill, will leave you wanting more.


Outlander (tv series)

Claire Randall is a WW2 nurse who somehow goes back in time to Scotland in 1743. She tries to adapt, survive, and return to her own time. There are many complications along the way: political, emotional, and physical.

Based on the popular Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon.

~Buffy the Netflix Watcher

The Wiz (Live)

Starring world-class performers and recording artists including Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, David Alan Grier, and Ne-Yo, this is NBC’s musical television production of The Wiz Live! Staying true to the groundbreaking Broadway show that put a vivid urban spin on the land of Oz, get ready for a fresh, eye-popping new trip down the yellow brick road. Winner of seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, the original hit Broadway show became a cultural touchstone that also spawned the classic film starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. Here, a Tony-winning creative team has brought together the imaginative acrobats of Cirque du Soleil and a cast of extraordinary singers and dancers to create an exciting new version of The Wiz unlike anything seen before.


Dune by Frank Herbert

I don’t always read fiction, but when I do…it’s usually something that’s been around for a while and most everyone else has already read! This time, it was a 50-year-old classic and winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards that’s gone on to become one of the best-selling sci-fi works of all time.

One thing that stood out for me about Herbert’s storytelling is that so much of the development takes place in what the characters notice. There’s action in the plot for sure, but it’s both inside and outside the characters’ heads. The Dune universe’s superpower is an ultra-heightened ability to pick up on subtle details, to foresee various possible futures, and to influence others by getting deep inside their psyche…rather like The Force in the Star Wars universe, though the characters don’t have access to full-on telepathy or telekinesis. Mind control in the Dune universe happens in a way that, by comparison, somehow seems more plausible…even more organic than the techniques used in Inception (2010) and the nootropics of Alan Glynn’s The Dark Fields (which was the basis for the 2011 film Limitless).

But what most won me over about this novel—and this is usually where a work of fiction either wins me over or not—is that even though it’s a fictional story, I still walk away from it with some new insight or perspective on the real world and how people interact within it. (As Picasso puts it, “art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”) Fans of Dune who want to dig further into philosophical questions posed by Herbert’s universe may enjoy Dune and Philosophy, edited by Jeffery Nicholas.



This is a documentary that takes a look at how we might live a life with more purpose and less things (or just things that bring us joy). I stumble onto this while looking for inspiration on the internet after reading The life-changing magic of tidying up : the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo. The creatures of this film also have a podcast and website called: The Minimalist. I have found these materials to be a helpful in trying to declutter and to really focus on what important to me.

~ Emma

Product Details The Tomorrow People (TV Series)

This show is about people with special powers, and their struggles keep themselves alive. I like this series because it is thought provoking about the subject of if people so different then us (i.e. powers) to they deserve to be treated differently. If you are a fan if the CW shows you might like this series.


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