Created as an ad-hoc committee on February 3, 2015, the Duncanville Multicultural Social Engagement Partnership consists of nine (9) members, with five (5) two-year terms and four (4) one-year terms with staggered terms thereafter. It was created for the purpose of:

  1. Establishing a partnership with the community to have the most engaged citizenry in America with a goal of engaging 6% of the population in 2015
  2. Develop an image as a family-oriented community locally and regionally
  3. Develop a brand for the community focusing on the goal of “Duncanville is the Basketball Capital of Texas” and leveraging this brand to enhance sports tourism
  4. Develop ways to engage citizens between 18-30 years of age to become more engaged in Duncanville
  5. Promote citizen participation and engagement in government; and to foster cooperative relationships among diverse citizens in order to fulfill the needs and desires and Duncanville’s diverse community


Third Thursday of the month
City Hall Briefing Room

Member Duties

  • Advise the City Council and city administration on present and future communications needs of Duncanville
  • Motivate citizens to be engaged without being enraged by digital communication
  • Educate the community on Duncanville’s “winning story” via social media
  • Ensure ALL of our citizens are hearing us via various digital communication outlets
  • Measure the effectiveness of our communication
  • Develop ways to engage citizens between 18-30 years in Duncanville
  • Assist with website redesign with current provider
  • Design the ideal website for Duncanville
  • Create a plan for rolling out the new social media websites on Facebook and Twitter
  • Prompt attendance at all meetings is urged. If three (3) meetings are missed without a valid excuse, the member may be replaced.


Cody Bainter

Public Information Officer

(972) 780-5043


Thomas Reyna
Zebulon Williams
Tammi Abney
Patricia Becker
Amy Durant
Mary Kae Famm
Dr. Lavern Holyfield
Romell K. Jackson
Luis Salazar