FY17 Forest Hills #8 Alley Reconstruction

Drainage improvements and alley reconstruction of the Forest Hills Installment No. 8 alley between Flamingo Way and Granada Drive (from North Alexander Avenue to South Cockrell Hill Road) are under design.  This subdivision was built approximately 45 years ago.  The condition of the existing alley pavement is beyond normal repair methods and requires full replacement […]

FY17 Water Utility Improvements

Water line improvements are being constructed on West Vinyard Road, West Daniel Street and West Nance Street (from Main Street to Avenue C). These service lines were built in the 1940s, making them approximately 75 years old. The work consists of the abandonment of 130 linear feet of 2-inch water line on West Vinyard Road […]

Traffic Signal at Red Bird Lane and Duncanville Road

Durable Specialties, Inc., has completed construction of a new traffic signal at the intersection of North Duncanville Road and West Red Bird Lane.  The sidewalk was improved to include an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliant ramp as a part of this construction.  Construction began in August 2017 and was completed in January 2018.

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