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New officer signing bonus: New officers with no experience will receive $2,500.00 bonus upon completion of field training.  New officers that hold a current TCOLE Peace Officer Certification will receive a $3,500.00 bonus upon completion of field training.

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Civil Service Testing

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As part of the selection standards for appointment to the Duncanville Police Department, you will be required to pass a Physical Performance Test, provided you have met all prior requirements. The date and time of the test will be announced in advance. The following information is provided for your assistance.

If you have any physical condition which, in the opinion of the Test Administrator, could present a greater than normal possibility of injury, you may be required to obtain a physician’s statement to document your suitability for testing.

Gym type clothing may be worn. Athletic type shoes must be worn.

The test consists of three separate events as described below:

  1. Event #1 is an obstacle course requiring a total running distance of 120 yards. Within this run you will be required to hoist yourself to the top of a 6 foot privacy fence for a sufficient time to read off a license plate number, climb a 4 foot chain-link fence, pick up and carry a 34 lb. Box a distance of 20 feet. Following this carrying exercise you will pick up a pistol, insert the barrel through a 3” metal ring, and maintain your stance without the barrel touching the metal ring for 10 seconds. A member of the testing staff will demonstrate the manner in which the obstacle course is completed prior to the test.
    Two attempts will be allowed to hoist yourself to the top of the 6-ft. wall and climb the 4-ft. chain link fence. If you are unsuccessful on the second attempt, you must run around the obstacle and continue on the course. A two-second penalty will be applied for each of these obstacles you do not climb. In the carrying portion of the course the 34 lb. Box must be placed completely across the marked line. Failure to do so will incur a penalty.
  2. Event #2 requires you push a standard patrol car a distance of 60 feet on level pavement. Failure to maintain your pushing effort until time is called will result in a penalty.
  3. Event #3 is moving an incapacitated, or non-resisting, person. You will be required to run 82 yards and move, in any manner, a 165-pound dummy a distance of 30 feet. This dummy must be moved completely across the line before timing stops. A two-second penalty will be assessed if any portion of the dummy is not completely across the line.


  1. Proctor (s) using stopwatches will time each event. You will be awarded the faster of the times.
  2. You will be required to wear a weighted belt, which is the same weight as a police officer Sam Browne belt with firearm, handcuffs, and portable radio during completion of each event. This will be provided.
  3. Passing or failing of the test will be based upon your overall time on the three events. If you are slower in one event, you may make up time by being faster on others.
  4. You will be given an opportunity to examine all parts of the events, and conduct any practice you desire prior to the test. Proctors will be available to offer advice at your request.
  5. Failure to complete any event will constitute failure of the test.
  6. Time limit of the 3 sections combined will be 99.10 seconds or less to constitute passing the test.