• Blood Drives

    We gathered 22 pints of blood at our March 15th blood drive. Way to go, Duncanville!

    Our next blood drive will be held on Monday July 9th.

  • Technology for Loan

    Technology for Loan

    Duncanville residents can now borrow Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots from the library. They can be borrowed as a team or separately.

    A hotspot can be taken home for a week to provide internet access for you. They are simple to use: press the power button once to turn on. Press twice to display the Wi-Fi network name. Press three times to display the Wi-Fi network password.

    Chromebooks can be borrowed for two hours use in the library. It’s great for when all our other computers are reserved. They can also be checked out to take home for a week. That’ll come in really handy when both kids have major homework assignments due at the same time.

  • Book Club

    Everyone please spread the news about our book club and invite your friends and acquaintances to join us. The book club welcomes all women and men, including high school teenagers.

  • Clase de ingles

    Práctica de hablar y entender el idioma inglés.

    Miercoles a 12:00 – 1:30.

  • CPS Foster/Adopt

    Informational meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

    There are lots of children who need a more stable home environment. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a foster parent, then you should attend this meeting. You’ll receive answers on the entire process and help getting started.


  • Test Proctor

    Free of charge, but an appointment is required. Availability is limited to Monday and Friday 2-6 p.m. and Wednesday 5-9. If you need to use a computer for your exam, please keep in mind that computers shut down at 5:45 on Monday and Friday and at 8:45 on Wednesday.

    All paperwork must be completed by you before you arrive for your appointment. If any paperwork needs the proctor’s signature make sure that the proctor receives it well before your exam. It is the responsibility of the person taking the test to make sure that they obtain an acceptable proctor.

    If you need to have a paper or computer test proctored, please contact Stephanie. You may call 972-707-3875 or send an email to: mailto:slott@duncanville.com (Availability is subject to change.)

  • Homebound Delivery

    **Now accepting applications.**

    Homebound Delivery is intended to help those Duncanville residents who find it extremely difficult to leave their homes to visit the library. This will be a free service.

    You can download the Homebound Delivery Application and submit by mail or have someone drop it off at the library.

    You can also fill out the application and submit it online.

    Please call 972-707-3875 for more information.

    201 James Collins Blvd.
    Duncanville, TX 75116